January 24, 2008

Found on Bergen & Smith

A list torn from a yellow notepad (scan to follow):

Resolutions 2008

1. Be smart.
2. Be strong.
3. Be aggressive!
4. End it with M.
5. Get through #4. No guilt.
6. Tell B how I feel.
7. Make B understand.
8. Don't make mistakes with B.
9. Love like a Tiger.
10. Live the life.
11. BE with B.
12. Forget THE PAST.
13. Get healthy in the brain.
14. Be happy.
15. Don't think about things too much.

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01/24/08 10:14 AM

That's fabulous, even if you didn't find it on the street.

01/24/08 11:29 AM

Wow. Enough cannot be said about loving like a tiger. I wish more people were so resolved. The rest of the resolutions are just icing.

01/24/08 12:07 PM

Diid you find this at the subway stop? I always find the best stuff there. Two days ago I found a notebook full of personal affirmations a little like your list here.

01/24/08 02:13 PM

Found it right outside the subway stop...

01/25/08 04:52 PM

Whoa....and in just 15 steps.

01/26/08 08:21 AM

I loved the re-occurrence of B and be.
That B must be so much more than M

01/26/08 01:40 PM

amazing - you have incredible finder's luck. if it was the nineteenth century, you could hire yourself out as a goldfinder.

01/26/08 06:01 PM

I'l try to work on the last three.

01/27/08 09:25 PM

i will be adopting #9 - hilarious

01/28/08 04:57 PM

#7 kinda scares me.

01/28/08 05:01 PM

You should see the B's on B.

01/28/08 05:56 PM

Yes! M is going to be single; finally, my chance!

01/28/08 08:16 PM

10. Live the life.

whatever it life it is I hope B is involved.

01/28/08 11:32 PM

Actually, I was about to make a play for M myself.


01/29/08 12:43 AM

yes, you do have a knack for finding wonder. I *really* love this one.

01/29/08 02:09 AM

If you don't know it already listen to Lost and Found especially the last bit called 'I found your letter' read by the guy who works for Found Magazine. You'll love it. At some point he talks about how his brother who finds lots of great bits finds such great stuff. His brother says one in every 5 finds is a gem, so it just means being persistent and curious and keeping your eyes open.

01/29/08 08:49 AM

Best thing that could ever happen to M.

I hope B's restraining order is not a hindrance.

Loving like a tiger is hell on the bedclothes, believe me, I know.

02/02/08 07:39 AM

what, no scan?

02/03/08 12:28 PM

scan is coming sorry so slow!

02/04/08 06:34 PM

having read the whole list, the last point definitely makes it to me :-))

04/10/08 09:47 PM

15 is on my list every year.

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