January 22, 2008

Charlie Crane

Unlike many photographers who visit to Pyongyang, North Korea only return with images of the Potemkin Village spectacles put on for tourists, Charlie Crane manages to capture the some of the stark emptiness and weirdness of the place. Crane's recent Welcome to Pyongyang is one of the best of the recent spate of North Korea books and has been widely hailed as one of the best photo books of 2007.

We have a Charlie Crane print available on 20x200 this week!

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01/22/08 08:38 AM

Charlie Crane on 20x200? And I see you have started shipping outside the US now. Exciting times.

01/22/08 09:06 AM

We added shipping to about 20 countries just yesterday. We're making the site a little better every day. Stay tuned!

02/06/08 01:29 PM

By the way, If you're as addicted on DPRK as you describe yourself, I'm sure you have seen some pictures from Philippe Chancel. I've been able to see some large prints in Paris Photo. They're definitely worth their price.


It is funny how, somehow the pictures look alike... maybe the atmosphere there is so oppressive that no photographers would think of those distant, still shots.

02/06/08 01:41 PM

"no photographers would think of anything else than those distant, still shots"... that is what i wanted to say. sorry, I've been disturbed by my room-mate arrival (real life interfering with cyber-life :-D)

02/16/08 02:50 AM

what amazing work from north korea. thanks for posting this.

03/03/08 01:41 PM

Awesome photographs. I saw his North Korea work at Cornerhouse, Manchester, U.K. and came away impressed.

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