October 5, 2007

Status report

A few people have emailed asking why I haven't been posting lately... basically it's been a rotten week.

1. My one day move from State St. to Pacific St. turned into a three day move. Thank goodness for capped moving rates (thanks to tina for recommending Brian Shea). Note there's a fine line between being a collector of things and a packrat. I might have crossed that line.

2. On the first night in the new place I turned around while my 2 1/2 year old son was taking a bath. He tried to get out but being unused to the height of a clawfoot tub he fell hard and fractured his arm in two places. So we ended up in the emergency room. My wife keeps saying "at least it didn't happen on my watch."

3. I have no internet or phones at the new place yet. (writing this from a starbucks).

4. The new place is a loft with less square footage than the old place. And the thing you realize about lofts is that without walls you have no place to hang things or put things. Consequently we are living in a maze of boxes right now.

5. Shelves and shelves of books to organize.

6. General exhaustion.

Things should be back to normal next week.

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10/06/07 01:35 AM

I'm a grad student who just moved into a new apartment and is still surrounded by boxes. Also, I grew up with 4 little sisters, so I remember what it is like to move a lot of things. Hang in there :)

10/06/07 02:09 AM

Too bad about Raul's arm. Best of luck for the rest of the move. I will be missing the colored walls with all that interestingness hanging from them.

10/06/07 08:07 AM

When my daughter was 4, she fractured her arm just walking from her daycare to the car. She fell on grass of all things! It isn't your fault, don't feel like it is. Kids can easily break bones, but they heal as easily. It may take some time, but they are amazingly resilient!

Good luck with the rest of the month!

10/06/07 09:13 AM

Sorry to hear about your boy's mishap. Looking forward for more of your wonderful writting next week.

10/06/07 06:49 PM

where r u moving Raul???? i hate moving ! hope to see more of your pics soon!!! looking forward!

10/07/07 03:11 AM


Kids - better break em now when they're still rubbery. It hurts more when you're all grown up!

I take it the loft is you very own at last? Super congrats. I remember you telling me about your 'collections'. I hope condensing wasn't too traumatic. Just think of it as a distillation of your curated archives.

10/14/07 12:23 PM

Ouch! So sorry about his arm. Hope is is feeling better soon.

10/16/07 11:49 PM

enjoy the new home!

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