October 10, 2007


Jenn to me while driving on the NJ Turnpike: "Don't deny you make moral judgements about people based on their font choices, you know it's true. Peel the onion a bit and there's an entire corrupt little universe based on a disdain of comic sans and the like."

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10/10/07 07:09 PM

But it does suck when you work on a common project, say a short film, and when you try to explain to somebody why Edwardian Script is not the right choice for the titles, you get a feeling of talking into a wall.

Müller-Brockmann made judgments about people based on their handwriting and felt good about it..

And don't even get me started on Comic Sans...

10/10/07 08:22 PM


(I hope the move headache is fading.)

10/10/07 11:20 PM

10/11/07 12:01 AM

Of course. This is like saying "you judge people because of what they wear." Which you do (you're supposed to, it's how we create tribal identification, and doesn't make you elitist. Per se.).

Oh... and ComicSans is completely evil, though the designer meant well and has a rational justification ("Comic Sans was NOT designed as a typeface..."): http://www.connare.com/comic.htm

10/11/07 04:22 AM

1. wait, you mean some people don't do this?
2. comic sans is a given. the sign that you're really not well is when you're at a restaurant and can't concentrate on ordering food because the menu is too awful to read... (like when it looks like they actually tried, but made visually offensive choices). It can make the place seem unappetizing, no?

10/11/07 10:47 AM

haha :) brilliant Jenn!

how about bankgothic for long paragraphs of text? yes.....

10/12/07 02:32 PM

one senses that behind this great man there is a surprised
Jenn !

10/12/07 05:49 PM

ES: I recently got a short film accepted to a local film festival, the credits to which are in Edwardian Script. After I submitted it, I realized you're right: That's a terrible font to try to read as it scrolls up a screen. My only excuse is that I made the thing in about two days.

10/12/07 11:18 PM

I remember you turning bright red with emotion when someone sent you an html email that mixed arial, helvetica, and courier. "What's wrong with that guy?" was the quote I remember. And I remember that's when I decided we should be friends.

10/15/07 03:07 PM

You designer snobs have nothing on the disdain found among the literary. Don't even get me started, for instance, on people who use exclamation marks.

10/18/07 03:00 AM

You should tell the story the way you told it to me starting with the type on the Elizabeth NJ police cars...

I'm amazed that you manage to keep this blog btw. Insane.

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