July 20, 2007

July 20th, 1969

From my baby book:

July 20, 1969 - Today Raulito is 2 1/2 years old and Neil Armstrong and Col. Ed Aldrin landed on the moon. Raulito fell asleep while Daddy, Mommy, and Titita all watched on color TV. We woke Raulito up to see the live transmission but he wanted to look at the moon outside so we walked into the lawn in our bedclothes. The street was silent save for the crickets. Everyone was inside and all the TVs were on in the windows. Raulito looked at the moon and asked 'I go up there?' and stared for a long time while I held him. He was fast asleep in no time.

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07/20/07 04:41 PM

From my grandparent's living room in 1969:

Not sure if they had a colour TV or not as I was only 6 months old. My granddad did work for Phillips so he may have scored a good deal on a colour model (although he worked in their radiology and medical equipment division).

07/20/07 06:38 PM

Well as the transmission was b/w, only Walter Cronkite was in color. Super pictures. Don't you wish they had taken one of the people in the room watching....

07/20/07 10:22 PM

this entry is one of the most moving things i have ever come across. thank you so much for sharing. i will pray for you, your parents, your children, and the rest of your loved ones!

07/21/07 01:14 AM

It is past midnight and I have to get up early. Your stories make me want to just stay up and read. This is one of my favorites. Sweet and innocent, and we all asked that question, at least once. I hope you've reached your moon. Thank you for a wonderful blog.

07/21/07 10:40 PM

That's a powerful image your mother paints... Thanks as usual.

07/22/07 08:01 AM

....honest to God, I was selling lobsters in Connecticut, and my parents brought a tv to the lobster tank room and we watched it there and then with the tanks bubbling away.. and to think you were a toddler... : )

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