July 19, 2007

Go Panthers

I've written little snippets here and there about my high school in East Texas... it's hard for my friends here in New York to wrap their minds around East Texas so I thought I'd provide a bit of illustration. The myspace profile photos above are all of guys who attended my high school while I was there. Can you match their photos to their profile blurbs?

"I am a 41 yr. old man that likes to hunt and fish. I am married to a beautiful wife for nine years. I have always wanted to be with two women....and I guess that it help to have a wife that is bi." also "I would love to be able to meet Linda Carter..."

"................... I like boating , fishing , the beach, camping , i am a member of the Moose and the Moose Legion , i like bikes and to ride , i like loseing money in the slots. I have two chihuhuas (akc) Bandit & Gidget... I am a painter (sucks) I live with the love of my life going on 10 years now, Vickie... I have two kids that i dont get to see, there mother is hideing them from me, but they dont the truth, leslie 16 and greg 15 , i really miss them and love them more than they will ever know..."

"Enjoy hunting,fishing,bowfishing,riding my waverunner,and pretty much all outdoors type activities. I am 39, single for several years and enjoying the simple life for a while. I also like watching nascar, hanging out with friends, and going to church as much as possible."

"Who I'd like to meet:
Jesus,Robert Plant, Ozzy, George W Bush, Some gal that'll be good to me, and I guess, sadly, I'm still looking."

"ll .. i'm mostly a hermit .. sorta anti social .. has alot to do with my youth.. long story .. ask if you really want to. most of the contact i have with people are on line from games ..i'm a home body .. don't go out much. I stay home .. watch tv , a movie , or play a game on the come, or mess with my wife . I'm not a drinker .. but once in a great while will drink one beer or a glass of boones farms wine .. snow berry creek, fuzzy navel, or the melon one. never smoked... fairly easy going .. even though I sometimes have problems with males .. funny i know, knowing i'm a male .. I just hate some of the things they do, or ways they act. i'll normally talk to anyone on line .. exspecially about games or computers or pets. i'm an irish desent born under aries. I like the colors black , red , green. anything else .. ask ..."

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07/19/07 08:37 AM

My guess knowing raul a little bit is that he's deeply fond of all these characters. I'll bet he could do an equally funny post trying to illustrate and explain his New York friends to the good folks here in Texas.

07/19/07 12:06 PM

Hysterical. My guesses:

Linda Carter has to be the snake necklace guy.

The guy with whose ex-wife is hiding his kids is probably the one with the 8 point buck.

Jesus and Ozzy is the one with the space background.

The one who loves church wears the hat.

And the hermit is the one with the glasses.

What do I win?

Hello from Longview (where we are much more elitist than Lufkin).

07/19/07 05:01 PM

@dana: doing a similar post of New Yorkers is a great idea. ;)

@anonymous Longviewites always were a bit uppity. Sad to report all guesses were wrong.

07/19/07 06:44 PM

el camino guy wants to meet jesus.

guy w/ buck is 41 yr. old male who wants to meet linda carter.

space background guy is the one w/ the estranged kids.

snake boy is the gamer/antisocial

guy on water is the nascar loving single guy.

07/19/07 08:20 PM

charles is correct about the snake man, no other hits.

07/20/07 12:24 AM

id is stup id

07/20/07 10:14 AM

Having grown up in a town much like yours, I think I can do the phenotyping. Look forward to your New Yorker's post.

EL CAMINO = stolen kids
SPACE BOY = bi wife
BAMBI KILLER = nascar & church
SNAKE NECKLACE = likes black, red, green

07/20/07 06:40 PM

A+ Sallie. 100%.

08/10/07 02:38 PM

Tony (and I have to call you that since that's how I knew you at LHS!),

I haven't dropped by your site in some time. Thanks for the Lufkin flashback. When my family moved to the Deep East Texas from Pocatello, Idaho in August of '77, I went through 4th grade culture shock. These guys could have all been my classmates!

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