June 26, 2007

Invisible Threads

I lived I don't know how many years alone but loneliness never touched me. I was happy eating at restaurants with my book, traveling far and wide on my single ticket, comfortable in silence.

Last week my family decamped for a couple of nights and the days since have been endless. The house is too still. I can hear myself think. I can't even sleep at a time in my life when sleep is the ultimate luxury. This is the state of things.

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06/26/07 11:30 AM

this sounds real to me. isn't it strange, that our life so often turns out
different in a way we didn't expect and it's not rational. as one
psycologist once wrote: "it's not logical, but psycological".

i am happy that your life looks a little bit unexpected to you because of
love. that's the way it should be.

sadly so many times we suffer in a relationship because of arguing and we
don't want it. that is the other way.

06/26/07 01:25 PM

i don't know how you do it but your pictures especially when combined words always drip with emotion. Your personal blog entries always give me much needed jolts of honesty.

Sometimes though I don't think people like you and your family actually exist and that you are a fiction created just to give me hope.

06/26/07 06:34 PM

What would you charge to shoot pictures of my family for a few hours?

06/27/07 03:15 AM

I am still comfortable in silence, but you make me want to be lonely.

06/27/07 06:28 AM

There's a Chinese saying that literally translated would be "a small separation is better than newly wed".

Such short separation make us realise how much we miss and love those near and dear. How we so often take them for granted. Therefore in turn reignite the passion that hopefully exceed that of the newlyweds.

Your blog entry is always filled honesty and vulnerability which are both endearing and heart warming.

Gabriel is so adorable.

07/03/07 03:18 AM

Hey - next time, give me a bell and we shall decamp to the movies once again to find comfort in the flickering screen!

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