March 2, 2007

First Look



I've had a couple of emails asking if I had the first image with the focus on the baby... why of course:

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03/03/07 01:39 PM

What a tease! When do we see his face?

03/03/07 08:00 PM

Hi, I'm your neighbor and a blog reader...saw you in the park playing cars with your first son today and had the desire to hug both of you. That would have been weird though. Awkward maybe. So heres a virtual hug. Blame the pregnancy hormones (I'm 5 months in).

My husband loves photography and introduced me to your site and soon I was hooked too. Maybe next time we pass you or your wife we'll say hello.

Alica and Derek

03/03/07 11:13 PM

Hey Alica were you the woman in the pregnant lady in orange sweater watching us? I think I saw you. Yeah a hug probably would have been weird, but save it for my wife. She's the one who need's em.

DMG - Not trying to be a tease, I just took very few digital snaps... and I have yet to drop off my film!

03/05/07 12:49 AM


03/05/07 12:40 PM

Congratulations. What a great way to start out the month - in like a lamb...

03/05/07 07:26 PM

Well done, arent children wonderful.

03/05/07 09:46 PM

He's just amazing. Congratulations. I'm very behind in the curve of big news... I happened to ask Michael yesterday... "I wonder if Jenn & Raul are getting anxious"... and he responded "oh, they had the baby"... you can plug in my face and words that followed. I'm eager to hold him. Please hold him tight, hug Jenn and kiss our Godson. XO

03/07/07 03:30 AM

Hi Raul !

I'm a fan of your pictures in Flickr. Congrats on the upcoming of your newborn !


03/07/07 11:35 AM

congrats to both of you!

you did it (again)! :)

03/27/07 06:26 PM

It must be strange to get messages from complete strangers, but I check your blog regularly and tell other people, including a friend who got married in Parras, to do the same.
Congratulations and welcome to your new son.
Gumbo Girl

07/02/07 08:38 PM


I just found your blog and i am enjoying reading through it. If you don't mind me asking, is your wife from China?


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