March 5, 2007

Andrew Moore Interview

Joerg Colberg has posted a thoughtful interview with Andrew Moore, one of my favorite contemporary photographers.

Moore's site

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03/05/07 08:36 AM

Interesting article. By coincident I was just about to place and order for Moore's book when Colberg's article showed up in my newsreader. Thanks for the link to his site, I had missed that somehow.

03/06/07 02:57 AM

Thanks for the Moore reference- I can see why you like his work. The saturated greens are amazing when they are up against or so dominated by the blasted, scarred concrete structures.
It is also good to witness a photographer thinking about the craft and ideologies around the subject. A strong intellect.
I still prefer Jeff Wall, whose work stunned me when I first saw it in Toronto 12 years ago. Wall made me stand back and scrutinize his not-just-pretty pictures
( sense of humor & irony )

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