March 18, 2007

Chen Jiaojiao and Peng Yangjun

Ever since Colors Magazine changed it's editorial regime in 2004 it's been uneven... but issue 70: Beijing: stories from a city is a return to form. The entire issue, both text and photography, is the work of two Chinese artists, Chen Jiaojiao and Peng Yangjun, and their monograph does a good job at evoking the range of change and contradiction found in modern Beijing.

Better versions of some of the images and more information on the photographers can be found in the press kit.

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03/20/07 11:43 PM

great link, thanks

03/21/07 07:20 PM

I agree, nice link. Some of those stories accompanying the China pics were fascinating to read.
I enjoy your blog, and well done on the new baby. Your story of the drive to the hospital was well done, tense, i could see it all in my mind. Especially the old woman crossing herself at traffic lights...


04/11/07 12:25 AM

Wow. Great find. Like most of the links on your site seem to be! You are my new resource for finding new photographers and work to read and learn about.

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