February 15, 2007

Book of Portraits, 1987


The amusing thing about being an regular diarist is that if enough time goes by you eventually discover stuff you've utterly forgotten. There must be a term for looking at some younger version of yourself and feeling embarrassed because in looking back you once again get wrapped up in the emotions of that particular time. You are ashamed for yourself for not knowing what you know now.... Make sense?

Anyway... in college I had this idea for a "book of portraits" with one portrait per day for 50 days. But I was basically too shy to ask anyone else to participate so it became a book of self portraits. On the next page I included a list of girls I wanted to shoot. I never worked up the courage to ask any of them to be photographed.

If you haven't guessed it already from the cluster of posts of content from 1986/87, I recently found a box full of journals/photos from that era...

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02/16/07 06:59 AM

that's a good idea. cool portraits.

02/16/07 11:39 AM

As it yellows, the masking tape becomes part of the art. I was going to say inadvertently, but I'm not so sure -- you were good.

02/16/07 01:01 PM

When I was in college I was so insecure the thought of turning the camera on myself was painful... Now 3 years later partially inspired by your "time" series on flickr I've started documenting myself. It started when I looked in the mirror and started to see my mom's face and thought I need to hold this before I fully grow up...I should learn from themexican.

Maybe you should make a book or a website only of self portraits arranged by year. I think that would be really interesting.

Maybe in a few years when I have enough interesting ones I'll put mine online too instead of just lurking.

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