January 18, 2007

Yamasaki Ko-ji

If you've ever wandered the streets of Tokyo you've no doubt wondered what was going through the minds of all those Japanese salarymen in their identical suits... Click through to the world of Yamasaki, a salaryman with a camera to find out...

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01/18/07 03:01 AM

I can't stop clicking...

Thanks, again, as always... you have the best links.

01/18/07 05:32 PM

His photos look to me like stills from a movie... very compelling. I'm not sure about the color shot, but the black and white images are immersive. Thanks for the heads up.

01/19/07 12:02 AM

He's channeling Moriyama. Thnaks for the link!

01/25/07 05:32 AM

These are fantastic. I agree with anonymous that the b&w shots look very much like movie stills. Such style and edgy grace in these images. Thanks for the link.

05/10/15 11:58 PM

thanks, RAUL
now im at http://yamasaki.ko-ji.com

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