January 16, 2007

The Central Paradox of Dentistry

All day long you look into their mouths
Teeth unflossed.
Gums receding.

You hate candy.
You hate garlic.
You hate their hot breath on your hands.

This pain you inflict,
The pain they feel—
It's their own fault.
You have no remorse.
You think, "Go ahead curl your toes in agony,
I'm helping you."

You live with knowledge
This woe is preventable.
If they would just listen.

And yet
If they do listen.
If they really listen
And change their ways.
You're out of a job.

posted at 04:16 AM by raul

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01/16/07 10:03 AM

Doesn't this apply to everything? Why single out dentists? You anti-dentite!

01/18/07 06:53 AM

It always concerned me that dentists and doctors are actually encouraging the downfall of their market/business. But so are peace corp workers I guess.

01/18/07 05:33 PM

why are you thinking about dentists at 4 in the morning?

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