November 8, 2006

Dear O'Clery Family,

Thank you for your letter.

Getting a real letter from anywhere is a good thing, but one from Derry, Ireland is an especially good thing.

As requested these are the answers to your questions:

1. Under a tree somewhere in Texas.

2. Paul Klee once wrote, "I comfort myself with the thought that my words do not address themselves to you in isolation but will complement and bring into focus the impressions, perhaps still a little hazy, which you have already received from my pictures."

3. Mira Calligraphiae Monumenta

4. Is there anything finer than a naked woman in your bed in the morning?

5. Once again I must produce a quote, this time from Fitzgerald (Tender is the Night):

I want to give a really bad party. I mean it.
I want to give a party where there's a brawl and
seductions and people going home with their
feelings hurt and women passed out in the
cabinet de toilette.

6. They don't serve fish in aquarium restaurants. When you ask why, you always get the same answer: "It makes the kids cry."

7. The Sleestacks.

8. No preference as I would be quite dead.

9. The best secrets are the ones never told.

10. Someday. For sure.

all best,


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11/09/06 02:07 PM

Speaking of real letters in the mail, what is happening with your global journal project?

11/11/06 09:38 AM

Dear Raul, I think your RSS stopped after this post...

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