November 7, 2006

Andrew Garn

A few weeks ago at PhotoNY I stopped by the booth of AM Richards Fine Art where the gallery was exhibiting the street photography of Andrew Garn taken in Times Square during the 80's. Looking at the prints today you can't help wonder what happened to all the people in that darker, grittier New York which has been all but erased. Garn's website doesn't do justice to the images the gallery has selected, so if you happen to be in Brooklyn, check them out in person.

328 Berry Street (Williamsburg)
Brooklyn NY 11211
tel: 917 570 1476

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11/08/06 11:32 AM

The New York you see in these types of pictures, in movies like Taxi Driver, et-cetera seems like another place. I just moved to the city, I never even saw the twin towers. I'm not sure all that grit and hopelessness of the old Times Square was a good thing, but I think the tourist traps that replaced it aren't good either.

So great that the theater is named Lyric and that it's playing something (a movie?) called Demonoid.


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