May 18, 2006

North Korea Images

My brother-in-law Paul has once again come up with some links to North Korea snapshot galleries.

Artemiy Lebedev posts 4 galleries of images on his website (one, two,
, and four).

There are several good DPRK sets on flickr: Matthijs Gall, Mark Wang, Veronica Pinter. nuwex, prime8z, Fraser Lewry, Liz Ralph, John Goodman, and staypuff.

And finally blogger Daniel Shorr's pictures and blog account of a recent trip. (in the blog archive scroll down to the bottom and work your way up).

I hope to do some photography there in the relative near future.

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05/21/06 10:16 AM

Hard to believe anyone would want to vacation in one of the worst totalitarian regimes in the world, but putting together the tourist snapshots like this is amusing.

Jin Bak

05/31/06 12:36 PM

er, sorry... 'questionable regimes all the time'.

Tom (again, but this time a little embarrassed)

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