May 18, 2006

General Mariano Escobedo International Airport

Do you ever find yourself writing something you're really into, put it down for a bit, and return to find total crap? That was my experience tonight so consider yourself spared of a page of heavy BS.

In the meantime, another old journal entry:

Monterrey, December 16, 1996

6:30AM Dreams of time travel and train wrecks last night. I’m sitting in the airport lounge watching Sylvester the Cat chase Tweety Bird (in Spanish). All airports should be so equipped. Oops Sylvester just got blown up. Again.

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05/18/06 11:58 AM

Airports are the closest thing to time travel, I think. At least they're the launching pads to "time zone travel".

I love them. They are a sort of limbo sanctuary. A parenthesis that leaves out "then" and "when" for a little while.

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