April 26, 2006

One Two Journal Project, an update

The response my little journal project has been most gratifying. In fact so many of you have signed up that it will become a Two Journal project with one book traveling roughly clockwise across the map, the other counterclockwise [red hat and yellow hat as it were for you Tibet aficionados]. If everyone does their part and sends the journal off in about a week each one should take about a year to make the full rotation. When the journal arrives on your doorstep you will find complete instructions on what do do inside. There are a couple of slots left so if you are interested email soon because once I put them in the mailing envelopes the list will be closed.

UPDATE: The project is now closed. The journals are traveling.

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04/27/06 12:42 PM

Is it to late to sign on?
Let me know....sounds like a cool thing to be a part of.

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