April 24, 2006

One Journal Project

A few years ago I became fascinated with the 1000 Journals Project. I signed up, got my journal (Number 768), worked on it for while during a trip to Tibet, and passed it on... then after it changed hands a few times it vanished... (Damn you Matthew Skvasik!) This has always bugged me.... So today I was driving down Flatbush Avenue when I had this thought: "people from around the world read Heading East, I'm sure some of them would enjoy this sort of thing... why not start my own personal journal project both because it would be interesting and because it would be a tangible way to get to know some of you out there."

So here's the deal: if you want to participate, send an email with your name/address to >. When I get enough names/addresses I will drop the journal in the mail to the first person on the list. When you receive the journal you are asked to add something to it, ideally including at least one image of yourself, and send it on to the next person on the list within one week. If you have a digital camera send me a picture of the journal before sending it off to the next person and I will post it here. When journal has made it's way back to me I will scan and post all the images.

I'm thinking of using a small moleskin journal which should be easy to mail.

UPDATE: This project is now closed. The journals are traveling.

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04/24/06 10:09 AM

I am sending this email now. Alessandro, Rome

04/25/06 02:16 AM

Update: The response to this project has been so great the I'll probably make it the two journal project. I'm plotting out the routes for the journals now. Perhaps I'll send one clockwise and the other counterclockwise...

More info very soon.

04/25/06 10:25 PM

I have also signed up for the 1000 Journals Project a looong, looong time ago. Never got it because one of these guys disapeared.
Good idea to try and do that yourself. My e-mail is on it's way.

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