May 8, 2012

Night Sounds

When I was a kid I imagined the sound of night to be wind in the branches and the beat of firefly wings.

As a teen I imagined it to be the breath of the sleeping.

Night in New York where the quiet hours were never so quiet, was always a conversation, muffled and rich.

In LA it was the tinkle and chime of a distant party.

Today, if I close my eyes after 2 or so, wherever I am, night is always full of keyboards... clicking away, endlessly, out there in the dark.

May 23, 2012

Found Poem

Found at my kid's school:


Misery by Kyle Takuru

It was a nice spring day and I was


I had nothing to do

my brother had the


my dad had the


the cable was broken

my mom was texting

The day was


the next day was the playdate

and I woke up on the


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