May 23, 2012

Found Poem

Found at my kid's school:


Misery by Kyle Takuru

It was a nice spring day and I was


I had nothing to do

my brother had the


my dad had the


the cable was broken

my mom was texting

The day was


the next day was the playdate

and I woke up on the


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05/28/12 09:52 AM

Kindergarten Kerouac.

05/28/12 12:44 PM

How sweet!

06/03/12 03:56 AM

I've been reading your blog for a very long time. I love the kids' stuff. That poem has made my day. Here is mine for you:

Lying on my back
looking at the clouds
bugs dropping in my ears and mouth.

Since It will not make me a renowened poet, I share it whit you. It was inspired by a perspective shot.

06/03/12 04:31 AM

When I am excited I make spelling errors and typos. I do correct myself.

06/03/12 10:45 AM

The funniest thing is that the little boy couldn't put his hands on any electronic gadgets. He could have picked up a book, though. Having no other alternatives, he had to write down on a piece of paper what he wanted to say. And yet, this very piece of paper ended up in the digital universe. It seems that nothing can escape it. Browsing the website, he might find his note one day.

Please read 'renowned', 'with', and 'I was' in my first post.

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