April 10, 2006

Momus on Photoblogging

"The girl is very handsome, but what's so magnificent about this picture, apart from its immediate beauty, is that it takes me to a world where groups of friends re-enact scenes from Godard films. That's already a very bold, sexy and interesting world. It reminds me that an image is not just remarkable for itself, but also for the parallel world it invites us to imagine and enter, the world in which the anomaly it depicts is normal."

From an essay on photoblogging by Momus. (describing this page)

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04/10/06 11:57 AM

Why does photoblogging deserve special consideration?? They are just pictures posted daily. Nothing mystical about that. Hardly a new art form.

04/11/06 10:02 AM

Thanks for this. Entering Momus's site is like entering a really smart and interesting alternate universe. I found this essay whihc managed to articulate something I've felt but couldn't quite express:


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