March 17, 2006

The Judy's

If you were a little punk rock kid in Texas in the early 80's you probably loved the Judys. Their albums are all out of print (I have the vinyl) but now through the magic of the interweb you can listen to their albums without your mom throwing them out. Start with Washarama (My mom destroyed 3 different copies of this one). Sounds almost cute now. (Links are realaudio only unfortunately.) Don't you think Guyana Punch is due for a good cover?

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03/24/06 01:40 PM

THE JUDY'S!!!! I haven't thought about them in 20 years even though they were my favorites in high school! I love you for finding this. Also on wikipedia:

As you have been so kind, I send you a Joe King Carrasco link in return (I know not punk but of the era): >. I challenge you (or anyone to find MP3s of Party Weekend which is long out of date.

Now how about info on The Degenerates, the Volumatics and the Killerwatts.

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