March 18, 2006

Road Rage

We're in our car sitting on Atlantic Avenue trying to cross the street into Fort Green, but people keep running the red light preventing us from crossing.

  Me: Aaarg. I think I have road rage.
  Jenn: We don't drive enough for you to have road rage. You have to earn it.
Another car runs red light.
  Me: Bastard.
  Jenn: It's not road rage if you're smiling.
  Me: (frowning) Son of a Bitch!
  Jenn: More like a road meow.

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03/18/06 11:26 AM

I was in high school in Houston when the Judy's were playing around town. My memory is of all these kids getting out of their trucks with their Vans on.

03/29/06 03:09 PM

Speaking of road meow, here is an interesting article about a cat who attacks people. Considering your love for cats, this article is just up your ally.

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