January 29, 2006

Tub Shark

posted at 07:10 PM by raul

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01/29/06 07:56 PM

Cutie pie! (but not sure, is Raul supposed to be the shark, or is he hiding from it?)

Happy Lunar New Year!!!

01/29/06 11:56 PM

I've always thought the baby looked like Jen, but in this shot with the eyebrow cocked and the shape of his eyes he looks just like you.

01/30/06 04:28 AM

haha! and a really nice picture!

01/30/06 05:24 PM

Little known predator of the not so deep, the tub shark is often recognized as a threat only by its veracious appetite for milk and food that has been blended into unrecognizable puree...

Amazing shot!

01/30/06 10:03 PM

Impossibly cute

01/31/06 09:25 PM

Queue the Jaws music.

02/01/06 12:42 AM

i've just been blinded by cuteness!

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