December 7, 2005

one year

Hard to believe in a few hours it will have been a year since our son's dramatic entry into this world. Noting the date early this morning the dizzying speed which time reels us through life felt overwhelming, but the room was still dark, Jenn and the baby were still asleep, breathing in unison, and I was reminded that this year has also taught me to appreciate the slowness of things .

Even though he was large as far as newborns go, in looking back at 12 months of pictures I ask myself that phrase that comes to all parents at some point, "Was he really ever that small?"

One per month.

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12/08/05 12:19 AM

Congratulations and Happy Birthday!

12/08/05 03:36 AM

Happy Birthday to one of the cutest kids I have ever seen and Congratulations to his amazing parents!

12/08/05 09:38 AM

I have so enjoyed watching him develop, and registering your joy in the whole process. If you ever have another, you will see how easily it can go by comparison. I love the way your baby smiles in these pictures. Good luck in the coming year, maybe we will all meet one day.

Cheers- Nancy

12/08/05 10:43 AM

I've been following along since before he was born. In fact I remember the day of his birth quite clearly . I kept running back to my computer an hitting refresh every few minutes to get updates.... when you posted that first picture... yowza. holy smokes. I don't think I've ever been so moved by something on the internet. Look forward to year two and maybe someday a number two. Do you ever think of Olivia? During your wife's pregnancy the image of a little girl became so real to me. Maybe a vision of things to come.

12/08/05 10:45 AM

p.s. is that a Brooklyn shirt in month 2, how cool!

12/08/05 04:21 PM

Adorable baby.

I like the crying one the best of all somehow.

No time like the present!

12/10/05 01:26 PM

Beautiful photos of a beautiful boy. Congrats to all of you.

12/15/05 12:21 AM

Happy belated Birthday, Raulito!

12/15/05 07:32 AM

Happy birthday Raul Andres! Love from afar.

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