December 2, 2005

Camera Obscura

Combine mail, pinhole cameras, ebay, and cross continent collaboration & you've got yourself a pretty cool little art project. Check out the Camera Obscure 2005/1-Inf project.

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12/03/05 02:26 PM

There is something special about building your own camera.

Half of the fun about taking pinhole photographs is in fact building the pinhole camera, loading it and developing the medium whenever that’s possible.

The photographs maybe not aesthetically beautiful but what makes them so special is the fact that they were taken with a camera built by yourself. You also learn the basics of photography, how the image is formed, and tiny bit of science.

I think that people have a very limited participation on this project as the camera is already built and their actions are limited to punching the pinhole and taking the photo.

I find that the project would be more successful through the organization of workshops to teach people how to make pinhole cameras, or even inviting people to send their own.

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