December 14, 2005

I told you so

I've always claimed Santa is more than a little scary... a big chubby guy in a red felt suit with an unkempt beard and rubber boots. Chills.

Witness my son (who seems to love everyone and is generally all smiles when he meets new people) encountering old St. Nick for the first time:

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12/14/05 09:22 AM

This is not a happy baby. I don't think any of my grandchildren liked him either the first year.

12/14/05 08:28 PM sad. Hope Raul Andres has a happy Christmas after all! (Old St. Nick can take some getting used to).

12/14/05 11:27 PM

LOL.. no he does not seem very happy. Poor baby. Poor Santa :-)

12/15/05 07:26 AM

I have a picture just like that of my first encounter with Santa. Only I bit him and he looks super angry.

12/18/08 08:57 AM

Poor kid. Love the photo.

12/25/08 08:57 AM

this picture and this collection are hilarious...

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