November 16, 2005


did you yawn? You know you want to. Hard to resist the word. YAWN. Annoying isn't it. Why is yawning a such an addictive reflex unlike say blinking or coughing? I've read it's so catchy because it's a herd instinct. Wikipedia compares the sympathetic yawn to howling in wolves... That explanation doesn't really do it for me but I haven't found a better one. Other facts: the first yawns are in the womb; contageous yawning doesn't usually occur in babies until around 12 months; pandiculation is a word meaning a yawn + a stretch; yawning is contagous between species; men yawn more than women.

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11/17/05 04:59 PM

damn you i feel sleepy

04/21/07 10:13 PM

oh man i just yawned twice lol wait 3 times

11/27/07 12:55 PM

I'm doing a project for my science fair on yawning being contageous. So you would you say that they are?

PS i yawned like 10 times no 11

09/26/09 09:49 PM

i know people already said this, but I just yawned a LOT

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