November 13, 2005

Mysteries of State Street

There's an old guy who lives down the street from me. The outfits vary, but he wears sunglasses and a tweed hat year round. Now that it is fall he also wears a trenchcoat. On sunny days you can find him sitting on his stoop or hanging around outside the deli on Henry & State reading the newspaper or chatting up the little old ladies. I've never seen him without a camera-usually a little Olympus, but sometimes a Leica. He fires off pictures inconspicuously, fast and smooth. Yesterday I found myself next to him at the deli "Why the camera every day?" I asked. "Because I want to remember." he said with a slight smile. Today I noticed him down the block. He snapped my picture, tipped his hat, and continued on without breaking stride.

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11/15/05 12:29 PM

Pre-computer photologger.

11/15/05 04:24 PM

I know that man! He's photographed me many times.

11/15/05 06:58 PM

i know this guy. he's taken at least 3 pictures of me.

11/16/05 01:44 AM

People like this guy should not have a blog. The whole magic would just fade. Right now, he is a unique person, someone to talk about, to be amazed by.
I doubt that he would be still what he is if he had a blog....
It just wouldn´t fit, you know.

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