September 28, 2005

I have no words:

K & K Mime

posted at 03:30 PM by raul

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09/28/05 05:04 PM

The hands alone are awe inspiring. Not to mention the mustaches under the white paint. Simply amazing.

09/29/05 05:57 AM

uuhhh..this is...well....EVIL

09/29/05 03:17 PM

OK, I'll bite -- I can't figure out what this post and comments are saying.
Is it, "this flash is too cool for words?"
Or, "the fact that these guys don't know that mimes these days are blue, rather than white, is too ridiculous for words?"
Or is it, "Christian artists are too evil for words?"

09/30/05 10:04 AM

My guess is that people are responding to the UTTER RIDICULOUSNESS of the thing. I mean come on. I'll admit my jaw dropped when it came on... raul's play of words seemed just right. LOL

09/30/05 12:38 PM

Yes, my jaw dropped too, and I agree that the OP was just right.

But the way the commenters are 'looking down their noses' is ugly. Maybe Raul feels the same -- he didn't say.

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