September 28, 2005

Diner on Smith Street

Conversation in the booth behind me from a few minutes ago:

Guy Number 1: But you have to understand I love her. I LOVE HER. I am straight up serious. L. O. V. E. Man. Its hurts. It hurts like I'm on fire or something.

Guy Number 2: I understand already, you're crazy about her.

Guy Number 1: Crazy? You see you just don't get it. It's LOVE. I think about her in the morning , at work all day long man, at night. Right now. Just being here is making me bug out. It's deep man. I understand songs now's like every song is about me. It's like the whole world is opened up and raw. Love, man. It's ridiculous. Ridiculous. Look at me. I want to see her tonight. I want to write her name all over my body that's how I feel (he had the name Isabelle written all over his arm in blue ink in large cursive). It's deep man. Real real deep.

Guy Number 2: But she doesn't even like you.

Guy Number 1: Yeah man. That's the whole point. What am I supposed to do? Love is crazy. What am I supposed to do?

[Then stifled tears, then real tears. Then silence for the next 15 minutes as they ate their sandwiches, paid the bill, and walked out into the night.]

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09/28/05 07:09 AM

So it goes...when it hits you, it hits you.
Hillarious incident though. I really like these little tidbits.

09/28/05 11:57 AM

Oh man...that sounded deeply chemical to me.

09/28/05 12:42 PM

Watch out Isabelle, potential stalker alert, code red.

09/28/05 04:58 PM

oh my. amazing.

09/28/05 10:27 PM

And how successful were you at stifling your laugh...sitting right behind them?

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