July 18, 2005

Taxonomy of Hate

I hate a great many things. I hate it when people say "have a good one". I hate cats. I hate renting and I hate humidity. I hate mosquitoes, people who call me chief, and the way cereal gets soggy so fast. I hate Mac Word 6.0, Karl Rove, and bad fonts. I hate Costco and PC Richards. I hate my forgetfulness. I hate rats (they scare me to death) and bureaucracy and that kid named Bill who spit on me in the 5th grade (I pegged him with a rock a few weeks later). I hate cleaning hair from drains, golf, Lance Armstrong bracelets, and the death of punk rock. I hate my clothes. I hate anything with coconut, the letter q, and the robber took my grandfather's chest full of photos. I especially hate losing friends over time, and the fact that Elsie's Oke Doke Pub on 84th between 1rst and 2nd is now closed. I hate not having sent all those wedding gifts and that I never write longhand letters anymore. I hate hate hate many of my friend's taste in music, a scar on my leg, and the inevitability of death (not my own so much, but of the people close to my heart). I hate not having a garden for Jenn to garden in; I hate no longer caring about baseball; I hate eggs. I hate the guy who went out of his way to blackball me from a club in college, direct overhead lighting (I prefer lamps), white walls, and the sound of my voice when recorded. So many things to hate in this imperfect world... People who know me will tell you I hate most movies these days. But I saw a movie I loved tonight. It's called, Me You and Everyone We Know by Miranda July and I think you should see it because when someone makes a great little film, or writes a book that moves you, or makes music that gets you dancing, there is, at least for a moment, a little less hate in the room and that can't be all bad.

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07/18/05 10:02 AM

you forgot CHEESE!

07/18/05 01:55 PM

Bravo for having the nerve to say you hate Lance Armstrong. I do, too, and have been meaning to blog about it. Maybe now I will.

I hate phonetic spellings - altho - and, even more, abbreviated phonetic spellings - tho.

But I love cheese.

07/18/05 02:19 PM

Ohhh good blog post! I hate my feet. I hate the way my old boyfriend Taylor kissed and most of all MOST OF ALL I hate when someone I don't know touches my head. Thanks for the laugh and I'm off to see that movie pronto.

07/18/05 02:39 PM

Great post, especially the ending. I hope that movie is shown in Mexico sometime soon... I'll be looking out for it.

07/18/05 03:14 PM

I don't think Raul hates Lance Armstrong. I think he just hates those yellow bracelets -- mostly worn by pricks.

07/18/05 03:34 PM

... and careless readers. I hate careless readers.

Apologies to Raul.

07/19/05 12:47 PM

love this post!!!

07/22/05 05:28 PM

How can you hate cats? And the movie was OK...I liked the story about the kids, but Miranda herself BUGGED and I didn't understand why she was so into the shoe salesman...

07/24/05 04:35 PM

Just saw the movie and thought it was super! More recommendations please.

to the person bugged by Miranda. if you look at it as a romantic comedy it doesn't work. are you an artist? I think this was a movie for artists by an artist... for me it was about the way artists see a more perfect world.

08/06/05 03:43 PM

Raul, entiendo que odies perder tus amigos con el tiempo. Comprendo que por eso cuando te envie una nota hace un tiempo desde flickr, tu respuesta fue parca, casi de cortesia. Sabes, desde que descubri tus fotos, tus videos, tu persona y tus palabras, tus sentimientos... supe que eras alguien cercano a mi corazon y con quien me encantaria tener amistad. Pero se que la vida no es asi, se que internet es frio, distante, que las relaciones no se crean de esta manera, que siguen caminos inesperados e incalculados, pero normalmente a traves de la presencia fisica, del contacto con los sentidos... Por eso, seguramente tendre que seguir sabiendo que seria fabuloso tenerte como amigo, pero sin poder disfrutarlo. Podre ir visitando tus palabras, tus imagenes, de vez en cuando, diciendo, "ahi esta Raul, el Mexican, que tipo tan estupendo!". Y seguir asi soñando en una amistad que existe en el corazon, en la imaginacion, como los amores platonicos. Te envio un fuerte abrazo. Supongo que lees castellano, aunque se que el ingles es tu lengua principal. Podria escribirte en ingles, pero lo que necesitaba decirte me sale mejor en esta lengua. Con mucho cariño. Clara.

(www.clarallum.com, http://www.flickr.com/photos/luxclara/)

08/07/05 05:35 PM

yes! excellent movie. one of my favorites in a very long while.

you hate cheese? WHAT?!!The only things I really hate are pretense and caterpillars. I used to hate olives, but I've been practicing liking them (by eating them) and now I only strongly dislike them.

12/14/06 07:28 AM

There's so much hate in the world it seems it's spreading to cheese. I'm a believer that love, compassion, wisdom and understanding may offer a different view of the things one, thinks....., that they hate. I would suggest putting a little Saint Andre on a cracker , adding some fig spread on top of that. Then chopped finely , sprinkle just a bit of jalapeno pepper.And for the topper, cilantro scattered lightly.

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