July 19, 2005

Quarlo & Yamasaki.

If you are into street photography, you have probably already bookmarked, the always compelling quarlo.com. Slightly more obscure, but no less rss-worthy is Yamasaki's site. When they have new pictures on their sites, I always say to myself, "Ahh the Great Quarlo" and "Ahhh... Yamasaki the Great" and then they always deliver the goods.

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07/20/05 03:50 AM

Just noticed your comment in the blog. I loved your travel post, if I was to communicate the pleasure I had reading it Jenn might become jealous. "Taxonomy of Hate" was amusing. Its playing at the same artsy Landmark theater which I saw Mad Hot Ballroom.

02/20/08 11:13 PM

thanks RAUL !!

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