July 23, 2005

Ode to the Nogmoon Villages

After so many years of tormenting me on the edges of my big map I will know you. My eye has found you on so many a night way up there perched above the French sounding Tati and the exotic Tali-Foo, on the edge of the edge of what was once known. Of course Nogmoon is not your real name, just the fantasy of some 19th century missionary, but a missionary with an ounce of humor. Humor enough to christen a dreary fly-blown city with an unpronounceable Mompa-language name Cuddleme, a name so appealing I spent 4 days and 4 nights trying to track it down only to arrive and be told the flies were "too heavy" and I must go to the next town to eat. Experiences in the equally prosaically named Busta and Jelii Jeli tells me you Nogmoon might be nothing, just another Chinese garrison on a dusty road to nowhere, but just maybe you are something amazing and so very soon, off I will go to uncover your secrets.

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07/25/05 12:22 AM

I love your blog! Please bring your beautiful wife and cute cute baby by to meet me when you're back from your wander.

(I met you the other day when you were buying birthday presents for your wife... and we got talking about design, blogs, and sea creatures)

07/25/05 03:12 AM

probably the same compulsion that makes you break into the greenwood cemetery at night...

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