July 27, 2005


Greetings from Beijing where it is every bit as hot and muggy as New York. Happily I escape first thing in the morning.

posted at 03:12 AM by raul

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07/27/05 08:09 PM

Good Luck to you on your journey. Know that someone in the middle of nowhere Illinois is following your trail with great interest and expectations!

Have a fantastic adventure.

Regards, Suzanne "The Farmers Wife"

07/28/05 10:29 PM

Buen viaje, Cuidate....

Saludos a Jenny y Raulito

Un Abrazo.

Rodolfo, Doris, Maria Fernanda y Natalia

07/29/05 05:04 PM

¡Que te vaya super bien! Cuidate mucho y tráenos muchas fotos!

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