June 24, 2005

Nuevo Leon, Imagenes de Nuestra Memoria

I have no idea where you would find this book in the US, but if collect photobooks and find yourself in Monterrey, pick up a copy of Nuevo Leon, Imagenes de Nuestra Memoria. It is chock full of images that will knock you out. As a side benefit you get a several pictures from "La Nevada", ie the day it snowed for the first time in recorded memory, otherwise known as the day I was born.

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06/27/05 01:15 AM

I love flipping through this when I'm at the MARCO. It's a bit pricy for me to pick up though.

01/25/06 07:45 PM

Hi !

This is one of three books like this, and has a price of $380 mexican pesos, it's around 35 dls.

The first one and the second one, have a price of $200 mexican pesos. This is maked for the mexican goverment, I have the three books.

I like the old mexican photos and I van recomend to you some books like this with very intresting photos of XIX and XX century.


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