June 27, 2005

Busy Weekend

Once again I am bone tired. Jenn's cousins Esther and Lauren were here for the weekend to take in New York. Apparently we did a pretty good job as hosts. According to Esther, Friday was the best day of her life. "Seriously." Jenn and Becky deserve most of the credit. They are excellent elder cousins.

Saturday I followed around Jolly and the East Village Mir-maids documenting their day from East 3rd Street to the Mermaid Festival on Coney Island. Thanks Jolly for allowing me to snap away all day and congrats to your crew of ladies on finishing 2nd.

The parade was literally infested with phtographers and perhaps because of this I ran into a couple of fellow photobloggers who recognized me from my photoblog. As usual the conversations were a bit awkward, but it's awfully nice for strangers to say hello. So hi there Kurt (and girlfriend) from Toronto, Jacinda from Adelaide, Stephanie from New Jersey and the tall guy from Queens. If you send me your urls I'll definately check out your sites...

With the scores and scores of phtoographers around (and subjects who were all exhibitionists on some level vamping for the cameras) I found myself thinking about photo cliché's and how to avoid them. Perhaps in a situation like this it is impossible, but I found myself constantly trying to step back a few steps from everyone else, and seeing out small moments on the periphery. I haven't seen my film yet so i don't know if I succeeded. Probably not. There were probably as many photographers as there were mermaids and mermen. I was thinking next year I should ditch the camera and don a costume along with the wife and baby. Raul Andres would make an awfully cute octopus or lobster.

Jenn's sister Becky lost her car. Or it was stolen. We're not sure yet.

My brain is on slo-mo. Time to sleep.

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06/27/05 01:01 PM

What a fantastic day! Thanks for coming along for the ride (beginning at 9:00am no less). I can't wait to see the pictures to see the experience through someone elses eyes. I have to say exhibitionist or not it is next to impossible to don a skin tight space mermaid outfit, silver moon boots and space age super soaker and refrain from striking a pose. However, I'm sure you captured many of our unguarded moments. A couple of people in our Mirmaid crew ended up in AM New Yorks Picture of the day (courtesy of our pics being on Getty Images). MIRMAIDS RULE!!! Also, I love reading the cross reference tags on Flickr. I found one our pictures tagged with Mirmaids, Mermaids and Hotness. Got to love it.

06/29/05 08:46 AM

Any update on the car search? A friend of mine thought her car was stolen and it turned out she just parked it on a different block. So maybe it'll show up.

06/29/05 11:12 AM

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