March 17, 2005

Tibetan Skull

I own two Tibetan skulls. Both were at one time used for blood ritual. One was bought by my dad in Venice from a Tibetan ethnographer who travelled in Tibet in the 50's. The other was given to me by a monk in a monastery in Dege in 1992 after I pointed it out as a match to the one my dad found. An artist named Benedict Carpenter does drawings based on descriptions of things. He then posts the results on the net. I submitted a description of the skull and he came back with this drawing. Surprisingly accurate considering the description.

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07/18/05 04:04 AM

What is the appraised value of the skull?

Please contact me at

11/19/07 01:13 AM

Have you ever found out how much your skulls were worth???

Please advise at your earliest convenience.. I have two of them also.

Thank you very much for your time.

03/11/09 01:14 AM

I'm looking for information on these objects, I'm finding conflicting information on their background. I have one, and I truly cherish it.

Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

03/11/09 02:31 AM

I've seen them in monasteries in Nepal and Tibet during my travels and have always been told they were for blood rituals. I've also seen many similar type things in India often for sale. My guess is that there are authentic items and many knockoffs. Also judging from some of the ones I've seen in Tibet some of the Indian-made knockoffs have migrated back to Tibet to restock items lost during the cultural revolution... Just a guess, but I've seen it happen with other things like wall paintings.

11/16/09 11:02 PM

I have one but I have suspicions it may not be real. Does anyone have more info on where they are from and what they were originally used for?

11/26/09 05:42 AM

Buenas a todos.
Me gustaria saber si alguien sabe algo mas de estos craneos, ya que la informacion esta con cuentagotas... jejeje si alguien encuentra algo le agradeceria que me lo mandara a


09/01/10 04:20 PM

Hello to all.
I have been collecting and hunting these skulls for several years now. These skulls are called Tantric Skulls. Some call them kapalas. In fact kapala is the name of only the top part of the skull or skull cap. A real tibetan skull is very hard to find and determine it's authenticity. There are "knockoffs" that were made for tourist trade. These "knockoffs" as some call them are not really knockoffs in a sense that they are fake. They are still made of real human skulls, just not lama skulls. About 10 years ago you could find these skulls all over markets in Nepal. Prices ranged from $20-$200. The government banned these skulls from export due to smugglers robbing graves in India. A real lama tantric skull can be spotted depending on the metal or jewels used. The noses are also very different and dead give away. Knockoffs use nickle and brass while real ones use gold and silver. These skulls are used for several purposes. They are used in blood drinking rituals to obtain the dead lama's powers. They are used for black magic. Offering vessels to wrathful gods and as meditation tools of imperminance. Knockoffs can still be used in the same ways, except for lama powers. With the ban on these skulls, they are becoming harder to find in the US market. Ebay will not allow the sale of them. That being said, a skull can be worth anywhere from $500-$300,000 depending on it's origin and precious metals/jewels. I am creating a website dedicated to these skulls and would love for anyone to send me pictures of thier skulls. I also buy them, so if you have one to sell contact me as well.

02/25/12 07:07 PM

hello everybody.
i own 9 tibetan skulls out of an old viennese collection.
they look a bit different to the one pictured.
msot of them are carved, one is also painted, one has metal symbols on it.
i thought the ones like the pictured one originate from nepal. but as the author collected it personally close to tibet (lucky dude), they might be found there too.
anyone with skulls is welcome to write me to share informations. please add pictures.

09/03/12 11:44 PM

I am a dealer in MN and had come across a Tibetan Skull. Being a tattoo fanatic, this is the one of the most amazing things I have had my hands on! I have pictures on my FB- . It is for sale, or just take a look. It is incredible.

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