March 23, 2005

scary lady

posted at 01:43 AM by raul

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03/23/05 10:00 AM


03/24/05 04:40 PM

oh, and i love the phots by the way!!!! breath taking!

03/24/05 05:23 PM

well I started this blog in earnest while I was moving, so if you go back in the archives starting around June, you'll get a good sense of what the move was like. Both my wife and I had lived in NY before and had been missing it, so moving wasn't a big adjustment... We've always said we're urban people or rural people, not suburban. Our options were NYC or a farm somewhere. I grew up two hours north of Houston in Lufkin, but I always knew I would end up here. Moving is a big deal, but the change of perspective can be exhilarating.

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