March 3, 2005

broken toe

I'm pretty sure I've broken my toe. It's purple and is unnaturally large. This is less than ideal as we're having a party for about 40 people this weekend. I've gotten weaker in my old age. A few years ago I broke a toe while trekking and just kept on walking (didn't really have another option). Right now this stupid thing has me nearly incapacitated. How did I break it you ask? While running to get a camera I almost tripped over my new ukulele and put the full weight of my body on my big toe. It made a nice crunching sound. Ignominious. Grrrrrr. Happily the uke was spared.
. . .
Seems like one of those days. My dad just called to say his wallet was stolen while boarding a bus.

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03/03/05 02:31 PM

Sorry about your toe. Hope you get better soon.

I found this on photo studios, I know you're interested in these so there it is.

Take care.

03/04/05 01:37 AM

sorry to hear about your dad's wallet. hard to imagine someone would rob such a kind man.

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