February 1, 2005

Domokun Email Signature

I have been Domokun fan for years, but only recently have I begun to see the domo meme take hold here in the US.

Don't know Domo. Here's his homepage.

Here's a domo sig I created for your email (use a monospaced font to see it):

     _/  O      O   
    / )  ________  | 
   | (| |////| | 
     | |        | | 
       |        | | 
      | |////| | 
      |            | | 
      |            (_) 
      |     ||     | 
Domo is powerful!


I've been a fan of audioscrobbler for a few years, but only recently has the Mac plug-in been polished enough everyday use. Lately I just leave it on all the time. Interesting to see what you actually listen to all graphed out. Right now the sample is too small so it doesn't really accurately reflect my tastes, but over time it should get more and more precise as more and more songs are added. Pretty cool if you love music. And even nicer when coupled with last.fm
This is my page for the curious:

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