January 30, 2005


Snippets from life with a newborn:

Jenn: ok. I'm exhausted, you need to take him for a while.

me: Ok little bear, let's play a game.... How about 'my nose, your nose'?

My nose.
Your nose.
My nose.
Your nose


Ok. don't like that one today. How about 'up down'?


Don't like that one either. Ok lets play 'Ramones original lineup'?

Johnny Ramone
Joey Ramone
Dee Dee Ramone
Tommy Ramone

(Raul Andres lights up and actually laughs)

[repeat for the next half hour]
. . .

. . .
The snow is getting really dirty... I'm ready for another blizzard.

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01/30/05 03:11 PM

funny games indeed!

01/31/05 03:36 AM

Great pics. Looks nice and cold in Brooklyn. Beautiful kid too. They're nice at that age - before they start answering back.

Mike [aka mutikonka]

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