January 14, 2005


I was forwarded this image today (don't know the photographer, but it's dated this morning). The photo evoked that time in my life when I worked on the 54th floor of the Citicorp building. Many mornings up there New York looked like this...a city of of a few tower peeking out above the low clouds. We were closer to the Chrysler building so the view was even more spectacular. Sadly I never thought to snap a picture.

From the angle (facing east from midtown) I think this shot must have been taken from the Empire State Building about 3/4 of the way up.

. . .

And speaking of nice photography check out Eliot Shepard's online portfolio.

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01/15/05 07:43 PM

beautiful picture. but that's what it looks like everyday here in beautiful san francisco. But enough buildings and more baby pictures!!

01/21/05 05:19 AM

wow, what a beautiful photo!

05/02/05 02:32 AM

When did you work at Citicorp (now Citigroup)? I temped there a few years ago.

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