January 13, 2005


A year ago today we were in Venice. Venice in the summer with it's tourist hordes and expensive food is intolerable, but in the winter, the place feels a bit more manageable and well.... it's Venice.

These are two shots from 1/13/04. Gosh it seems light years away.

. . .
For now travel is just via the armchair... but soon.

Some inspiration.
. . .
Quotes generally don't do much for me, but this sentence by Katherine Anne Porter seemed worthy of repeat:

"I am always surprised by people who cannot understand range and change, variety and contradiction, tragic feeling, a saving dash of frivolity, and the deep sense of comedy, the salt of life that makes our daily bread bearable."

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01/13/05 08:50 PM

Those are some amazing pics. Seriously.

Venice is the only major Italian City I haven't been to and I kick myself for not having made the time.

05/02/05 02:29 AM

Have you ever taken part in the Fabrica residency/program? I'd love to do a residency (I've only been on residency in the U.S.) in Europe at least once.

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