October 14, 2004

Rainy Day

Not much to report today. It's rainy and I'm swamped with work. My office is in the attic. It's a bit mad scientist up here, but the rain is nice and I like the old skull and crossbones someone painted on the wall as well as all the scores of names scratched onto the walls over the last 160 years. I'd prefer a window to the skylight, but the skylight allows me to escape up onto the roof where I can just see Statue of Liberty beyond the rooftops and chimneys.

Here are some links to keep you busy:

Mr. Cartoon has a cool site (great navigation bar).

I love bad architecture.

We've been getting into letterpress printing. The Five Roses site has been an invaluble resource.

Abandoned places' navigation is a bit obtuse but there are some nice images there.

The Yossi Milo gallery always seems to showcase interesting photographers. Today the work of Alessandra Sanguinetti caught my eye. In the past they've shown Loretta Lux and Paul D'Amato. I've got to get myself up to 24th street for a visit.

This issue of Colors is fantastic (and particularly interesting for me, a collector of 3rd world studio portraits). I just killed 20 minutes studying this issue after unpacking it in a box full of interesting stuff. What do do with old magazines like this that you don't want to throw out despite your lack of space?

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10/19/04 01:44 AM

cool picture! where is that? when is that?

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