October 5, 2004


We just returned from a party (which was preceded by a book reading) for David Gilbert celebrating the release of his new book The Normals. The reading went well (funny and interesting) and then we walked a few blocks to the party. It was a lively crowd (all Kerry supporters) of architects, designers, and book people. Unlike parties in LA there was not a single discussion of diets, grosses, or celebrities. Jenn said that when everyone broke from the party to watch the debate in the back bedroom she knew she was home. This crowd was 100% Kerry. Maybe these are the French wine drinking New York intellectuals Bush is always talking about.

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11/28/05 05:51 AM

i found your site via KDUNK & Slower...friends of mine via fotolog/flickr.

i am also friends with David Gilbert from other incarnations -- do you know him?!!

don't know why; just wondering how many degrees, etc...

- J.

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