September 22, 2004

In at last

The 18 wheeler arrived in Brooklyn Heights this morning just as Wednesday alternate side of the street parking rules went into effect. This did not please the local commuters who gave my truck driver a big New York welcome (it almost came to blows). But after about a half hour of dramatics the driver managed to park in a fire zone and the move was on.

The crew here consisted of 4 preternaturally happy Ecuadorians who didn't seem to mind hauling almost 9 tons of stuff up 2 to 5 flights of stairs. We tipped them well. The job was done by 6. Tomorrow the unpacking begins.


My dad stopped by.

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09/23/04 01:43 PM

So are you all unpacked yet? j/k Looks like you are making progress thought. I guess I'll have to start preparing for an outer bourough pilgrimage. -Jolly

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