September 22, 2004

Concert before the storm

Just got back from seeing David Byrne and Gilberto Gil at Town Hall (it was a benefit for the Creative Commons License). David Byrne was amazing as usual. He played a strong set of old and new and was just stone cold hip. Gilberto Gil sort of phoned it in. Maybe I'm a terrible snob but any time a guy starts covering Bob Marley and John Lennon, you know you're in trouble. That type of cover should be the exclusive domain of cheesy Philippino wedding bands and bad karaoke. Byrne, by way of comparison covered Hugo Ball (the dada poet!) and Hendrix.

How many people could the US military possibly recruit from their Times Square kiosk? I mean I understand how they might have grabbed folks back when Times Square was Times Square, but now it's Disneyland....


Does Alec Baldwin have his photograph in every single New York deli?


Tomorrow, Wednesday, the moving truck arrives!

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09/23/04 10:25 AM

I was at the CC concert and couldn't agree more... the minute Byrne danced onto stage it was like a current of electricity running through the audience. Gil, it seems, has forgotten what made him great.


09/29/08 10:28 PM

Actually...The military in times square are so booked up with walk-ins that they don't ever have to do any actual "recruiting." Military recruiters have to compete to get a position there.

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