September 29, 2004

got to admit it's getting better...

Today was a complete turnaround from yesterday. The weather has turned autumnal. Workmen showed up on time. Things got fixed. We now have sisal stairs and phones that work. DSL is still down, but happily I have several neighbors wireless connections with easily guessed default passwords. Note to everyone out there. If you don't want people using your bandwidth, don't use the password, "password" or "secret" or "1234".

We are discovering a good collection of local restaurants. Today we had lunch at Teresa's a Polish place at 80 Montague. The cabbage soup and kielbasa as was the pumpernickel. I've eaten more good bread in the last week than I did in my last year in LA.

I've been taking tons of photos but haven't imported or scanned anything yet.

Question: My lovely wife wants to have a baby shower for the both of us. I have no problem attending a shower for her but I think it's weird to officially have the shower for both husband and wife. I also think it's weird to invite couples. Baby showers seem like a ladies only thing. Am I crazy old fashioned or is Jenn trying to bully me into something odd.

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09/30/04 08:01 AM

A his/her shower seems very New York, but as an old fashioned gal from Georgia, my vote is for girls only with you in attendance.
Aimee - Atlanta

09/30/04 09:54 AM

Here in SF a baby shower for a couple is not unusual (but not normal either). The people who have these showers are generally of a certain type (organic foods, natural birth, left of center), not to pigeonhole you or anything...

09/30/04 11:12 AM

My wife dragged me into a his&her baby shower. It felt strange, but was ultimately fine. My friends and I just went into the den and huddled around the game. The Raiders won, so it all worked out. We're having our second this year and this time my wife wants to do one without me or my friends... wonder why.

09/30/04 01:44 PM

I would think it would depend on what Jenn and your male friends are like. I mean what is the point of having a co-ed shower if it would basically be an obligatory torture for the poor lads. Then again, if you think this is the kind of thing they would enjoy doing, then why not. Generally speaking, I say let the lady carrying the baby have her way.

09/30/04 01:45 PM

frank, you know me, and i'd tell you if it was weird. it certainly isn't as common as the 'old fashioned' kind, but we have been invited to several couples showers. i personally still think it's a little weird, but jenn isn't off-base on this one. my 2 cents.

09/30/04 02:22 PM

just want to your warn you: if you're gonna be at the shower, your wife will be happiest if you sit next to her during opening of presents...with exaggerated ooohs and ahhs and smiles for the camera (though knowing you, you'll be behind the camera rather than in front of it).

09/30/04 11:45 PM

Ahh the his and her shower... one more thing to show that we guys no longer have balls. You will end up doing it, you won't like it. Your guy friends won't like it. But you'll end up doing it. I did, you can't really say no or it will be a whole thing. It's fine. Deal with it. I shuffle back to my seat in a living room my wife decorated with all sorts of frilly crap. Why do we always have to be dragged into these things.

KJG from Los Vegas

10/03/04 01:47 PM

I have to disagree. Showers are best when they are girls only. The husband should make an appearance but who wants a bunch of men at a shower?

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